P3D permits the saving of graphics settings to a file (profile).  During flight, if FPS drops, switching between graphics profiles can help maintain higher FPS at the loss of some visual realism.


My performance goals are a minimum of 30 FPS.  Since I operate my monitor at 30Hz, I use P3D Vsync ON, Triple Buffer ON, and frame limiter at Unlimited.  So long as I never drop below 30 FPS, this will provide a very fluid/smooth flight experience in most situations.


Add-Ons used:

Orbx FTX Global

Orbx Regions (all)

Orbx HD Trees

Ultimate Traffic Live (50%)

HiFi ASP4/ASCA (5 layers, 150mi)


Flightbeam KMSP (for City)

Turbulent Designs KMBS (Rural)

Alabeo C177 Cardinal II (for GA)

PMDG 777 (for Commercial)




AffinityMask=21845  (for 5960X)


Hardware used:

5960X @ 4.6Ghz + Titan XP

7700K @ 4.8Ghz + 1080Ti

(32GB RAM in all cases)

GA - General Aviation (Carenado, Alabeo)

 COM - Commercial (PMDG, iFly, MJC)

GA Rural Night

GA Rural Day

GA City Night

GA City Day

COM Rural Night

COM Rural Day

COM City Day

COM City Night

Select from 1 of 8 tabs above (GA Rural Night, GA Rural Day, etc.), each tab has 5 graphics settings pages that cycle automatically or manual.

** These graphics settings are NOT "in stone", merely a guide based on the hardware and add-ons I used at specific locations that work well for my target of 30 FPS (30Hz monitor).  I highly encourage users to experiment taking note that significant FPS consumers are: Dynamic Lights, SSAA, Autogen Draw Distance, Autogen Building Density, Dynamic 3D Autogen Vegetation (SpeedTrees), SimObject Shadows, AI Traffic.

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